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Jarrow FC
Russell Foster U9
Sunderland City Juniors
Deerness Valley
Whickham Fellside
Ponteland Juniors
Blyth Rangers
13 May 2017
Blyth Rangers
12 May 2017
Blyth Rangers
6 May 2017
Blyth Rangers
5 May 2017

Durham Swimming
WIN 2016
Deerness Valley FC
Jarrow FC
Whitburn & Cleadon FC
Durham City ASC
New Fordley
Ponteland Junior FC
Forest Hall FC
Whickham Fellside
Blyth Rangers 14 May
Blyth Rangers 13 May
Blyth Rangers 7 May
Blyth Rangers 6 May
Race 2 Rockliffe
Tracy & Chris  
WIN 2015
Deerness Valley FC
Russell Foster - 27 June
Brandon Junior FC
Durham City ASC
Junior Golf Tour - Washington
Jarrow FC
Whitburn & Cleadon
Ponteland United
Whickham Fellside
North Shields - 30 May
North Shields - 29 May
Blyth Rangers - 16 May
Blyth Rangers - 15 May
Blyth Rangers - 10 May
Blyth Rangers - 9 May
Blyth Rangers - 8 May
Debs & Dan
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Junior Golf Tour - Durham City

Hetton Juniors

Russell Foster - Development
Deerness Valley
Brandon - 4th July
Leigh Hunter Memorial
Whitburn & Cleadon
Brandon - 27th June
Ponteland United - Session 3
Ponteland United - Session 2
Ponteland United - Session 1
Russell Foster U11, 12, 13 9 v 9
Russell Foster Girls
Russell Foster U15, U16

Whickham Fellside YFC

Jarrow Juniors_2
Jarrow Juniors_1
Russell Foster U12, 13,14
North Shields Juniors_31st May
North Shields Juniors_30th May
Sunderland Uni Graduation Ball
New Fordley
Blyth 17th May
Blyth 16th May
Junior Golf Tour_Ponteland
Blyth 10th May
Blyth 9th May
Cathy & Matt
ICME_2014 Dinner
Dissington Hall Xmas
DCASC Presentation

SSGC Presentation

Performers Stage School
Road 2 Rockcliffe
Matfen Golf Tour Final
Rachael & Paul
Russell Foster U 7
Whitburn & Cleadon JFC
Russell Foster U 8
Russell Foster U 9
Harton & Westoe Junior FC
Coxhoe United FC
Hetton Juniors
Whickham School
Russell Foster U 11 & U12 9v9
Russell Foster U 10
Russell Foster U 13 & U 14

Ponteland United Session 3 - Big Lads

Ponteland United Session 2
Ponteland United Session 1 - Mini Soccer
Newbiggin Hall Juniors
New Fordley Juniors
Russell Foster U 11 & U 12
North Shields - Saturday
North Shields - Friday
Amy-Leigh & Anthony
Whickham Fellside YFC
North East Sport
Blyth Rangers 18th May
Blyth Rangers 17th May
Blyth Rangers 11th May
Blyth Rangers 10th May
Houghton Round Table
Lesley & Jeff
Jan & Michael
Dissington Hall Xmas
Dissington Hall Xmas
Percy Hedley Ball
Tyneside Golf Club
WIN Awards



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